About Timber Framing

Timber Framing is an old way of building houses,

the timber frame way of building was used in our old barns here in Sweden.


Timber Framing has grow since the 1970 in the US, Canada,

Germany and England, and is growing steadily.


Old craftsmanship has been modernized thanks to new tools and machines,

 and which has made Timber Framing more affordable.


A Timber frame houses is different from a traditional log house,

The supporting structure of the house is the Timber frame,

the walls are not Timber.

So you can choose any kind of Exterior siding and Interior walls.


The supporting Timber Frame, gives you freedom to have a

open floor plans and large windows.


The roughness and appearance of the timber is a matter of taste.


    • Square or Round
    • Rough or Planed
    • Massiv Timber or Glulam
    • Pine or Oak


Normally we use Timber from 15 to 30 cm thick Timber ( 6 ”- 12”)


So start dreaming about your Timber Home !!